Sources of Germs in Your Home

dirty attic

Your home can be a hotbed for germs and bacteria if you are not diligent about routine cleaning each day and maintenance in your home. Homeowners should clean the surfaces of their kitchen and their bathrooms multiple times each week as those two rooms are some of the most common sources for germs.

Homeowners should also perform routine inspections on their windows, screens and other areas of the home where dirt and elements from outdoors could enter.

There are other areas of a home that do not receive routine cleaning and inspection that are prone to bacteria buildup and germs and that might allow contaminants to enter your home. These areas do not need as much attention each week but should not be ignored for more than a few months.

Where to Find Germs in Your Home:

Your Attic

You should perform an inspection of your attic at least two times each year. Ensure that the insulation lines the ceiling and floors and that there are not empty spots. Empty spots will allow outdoor elements to come in.

Also inspect for rodents in the attic. Rodents will breed in an attic and infest the area and defecate there.

Your Basement

Inspect the foundation of your basement as well as the basement walls. Look for cracks in the walls and any window openings to ensure cold air is not entering the home.

Larger cracks and holes will allow entry for rodents and insects to breed and infect your home.

Your Carpet

One of the dirtiest places in a home is the carpet. This is because carpet is a giant filter that collects all of the allergens, dirt and germs that float from the air onto the ground. The carpet also collects bacteria from the bottom of shoes and from pets.

You can vacuum to remove some of the germs on the surface of the carpet but you will need to hire professionals to remove allergens and dirt beneath the surface. You should schedule carpet cleaning at least one time each year.

Your Garage

If your garage is connected to your home then you will want to perform similar inspections to your attic and your basement. Inspect the walls of the garage for cracks and holes as well as the floor of the garage.

A garage is an easy entry for germs considering its proximity to the outdoors and because garages receive a lot of traffic from everyone that lives in a home.

Your Vents

Your vents circulate air throughout your home so you want them to be clean so that they do not continually circulate dust and other germs and allergens.

You can remove the vent covers and clean vents using a dust mop or just a cloth. You should do this multiple times in a year to ensure the air in your home is clean. You can also consider installation of a HEPA air filter for even cleaner air.

The health of your home and your family is extremely important. The good news is that you can reduce the presence of germ in your home with simple cleaning routines and everyday tools and items around the home. The key is to be consistent and diligent in remembering to clean and inspect all areas of your home throughout the year.

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