Signs You Need a New Toilet


When your toilet starts creating more troubles, it means it demands a replacement. However, it is not so easier to install a new one but when repairs stop providing the desired solution, it becomes essential to install new.

Most of the homeowners keep on ignoring troubles of their toilet but if you keep doing so, it may become a big issue at a later stage. The best idea is to judge the symptoms when your toilet demands a replacement. Below we have highlighted few common problems that can help you predict that it cannot be repaired anymore.

  • It demands many repairs:

The list of tasks to complete the repair may seem smaller, you just need to replace the tank handle, fill valve or the flapper but if we count on the cost of these items, it will go higher as compared to the cost of new installation. It is good to take a smart decision and check if your toilet is creating trouble again and again. You need to estimate the cost of repairs vs. cost of new installation. If you feel the second option can save you more money for a long run, it is good to call professionals for initiating replacement task.

  • It keeps on clogging:

Do you feel that your toilet these days is demanding to plunge many times in a month? Generally, the older toilets need more than one flush at a time to clean the mess. They can often deliver a restricted flow of water due to clogging. If you observe that you often spend time plunging it, probably your toilet demand replacement. After all, we cannot afford too much wastage of water; it is good to buy a new one with water saving design that can serve you longer.

  • The porcelain is cracked:

When you keep on using a toilet for years, it is common to observe hairline cracks on bowl or tank of the toilet. If you keep on ignoring these cracks so long, they may soon create a disaster. These porcelain cracks also cause leakage in the area. it is important to inspect your tank and bowl time to time and if you find some critical cracks, it is good to replace the toilet on time.

  • It has too many scratches:

When the surface of porcelain in your toilet becomes difficult to clean or it has too many scratches, it is good to buy a new one to save money on unwanted maintenance. Experts often advise using high-quality cleaning solutions for the toilet so that it can suffer the least damage.

  • It is too old:

Every product has a certain life cycle and if you keep on using it after that period, it can create trouble at any instant of time. It may be possible that your old toilet is working fine but the older models often become inefficient with time. It is good to maximize your savings on water, money and time by simply installing a new toilet at your home.

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