How to Plant a Tree


A tree is a very beautiful addition to any yard. You will reap many benefits from planting a tree in your yard and the environment will too. A good tree can become a permanent part of your property if planted correct and cared for as it should be.

The good news it is very easy to plant a tree and it is even something your children could help with too!


The first thing you need to do is decide where to plant the tree. This is one of the most important steps in the entire process. You need to set your tree up for success and its location is extremely important.

You should research zoning and neighborhood rules for your home as some locations will have rules concerning whether you can plant a tree and where you can plant one. You should also call 811 to be sure it is safe to dig in the location you decide to plant the tree.

Scope out your yard and find a spot that has optimal sunlight and one far enough away from your home so that when the tree fully matures it won’t come into contact with your home nor will the branches hang over your roof.


The best time to plant a tree is in the fall or in the spring. You should not attempt to plant a tree in the cool winter months or the hot summer months if you want the best results.

To dig a hole for the tree, dig the hold two times the width of the container the tree comes in and dig the hole the exact depth of the container. The extra width will allow the roots to branch out in the soil.

Loosen the soil at the bottom with your shovel and moisten the soil with your garden hose. Do this for a minute or two so that the soil is fertile and wet below where the tree will rest as it grows.

Remove the container by cutting it down the sides with a utility knife. Then lift up the tree by the root bulbs and place the tree into the hole.

Loosen the roots to help them grow out and be sure the branch is straight before you start to fill in soil around the root bulb. Fill the surrounding space with fresh dirt and then tamp the dirt around the base of the tree.

Now add about 2 inches of mulch around the base of the tree but don’t pile it directly against the tree. This is the final step of planting the tree.

You need to saturate the soil around the tree after you plant it. We also recommend that you water the tree two or three times a week for the entire first year after you plant it in the ground.

Now your tree can grow healthy and strong and be a source of shade and beauty in your yard for many years to come!

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