Functions of a Carpet Pad

carpet pad

Time and time again, homeowners purchase new carpet but don’t invest in a high-quality carpet pad. This is a major problem. The carpet pad serves many purposes and is very important for the well-being of the carpet above.

You should invest in the best carpet pad available when you purchase your new carpet. Here are some of the functions of a carpet pad and why it is an important element of the carpet buying process:

1) Insulation

One of the main advantages of carpet over hardwood floor or tile floor is its ability to warm a home and reduce energy costs but if the carpet pad is too thin it won’t accomplish this.

A quality carpet pad provides more insulation than a thin or low-quality pad will and the initial extra cost will save you more money over time.

2) Comfort

The more pad beneath the carpet the better the carpet will cushion each step and provide more comfort. Comfort and softness is another major benefit of carpet over hardwood floor that is lost if you purchase a low-quality carpet pad instead of a better one.

3) Stain-Resistant

Newer carpet pads feature odor-resistant and stain-resistant technology to prevent moisture from permeating the pad and leading to carpet browning and soiling. A low quality pad will absorb all of the dirt and soil and continuously produce stains on the surface of the carpet that will require professional carpet cleaning.

4) Mold- & Mildew-Resistant

You can prevent mold and mildew in your carpet if you purchase a mildew-resistant carpet pad and install it in your home. This will repel moisture and ensure that mold does not form on the underside of the carpet or on the subfloor beneath the pad.

5) Traffic

The most important reason to invest in a good carpet pad is to ensure the carpet above can withstand constant and heavy traffic.

You can use a lower quality pad in bedrooms and rooms with less traffic (although the insulation will not be as good) but you should 100% choose a better pad for hallways and entryways and places in your home that receive a lot of foot traffic.

If you do not, your carpet will last much shorter than it should and you will need to replace the pad and the carpet in less than 10 years from the time you install it.

These are some of the reasons why you should pay close attention to the carpet pads available for purchase at your local carpet store. The primary focus is on the color and comfort and quality of the carpet but all of this will diminish if you do not also invest in a carpet pad that can withstand traffic and preserve the comfort and resiliency of the fibers above.

You can contact us online for recommendations on carpet pads available for purchase at most local retailers or look for future posts from our blog concerning carpet installation and cleaning.

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